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Ethereal Spirit
Artist Statement
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Carvings from wonder. Art for spirit.
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Artist Statement

Eyes wide open and seeing since the day after birth according to my Aunt, I've been looking, watching, and seeing through the veil and beneath the surface since memory. Unable to express what I see or feel, I find art as a means to communicate.

There's wholeness in knowing we're not alone, and it brings spiritual perspective to life. This is what my work is all about, that connection to spirit, ethereal beings and energies, joining the circle of life.

I see a piece of wood and recognize, then greet, an elemental being or an aspect of a tool for spiritual work. I pick up that piece of wood and the energy begins to speak of the places it's been, the things it's seen, and the sadness or glory of what is yet to come, and I'm compelled to honor the circle.

Once I begin we meditate together and the tools begin to move my hand, a little here and a little there. Discard the dross and see what remains. The process continues with a small voice saying, see my eyes, see my nose, and this is how I want to look. We continue until the presence, process, becomes complete, but then the small voice talks about presentation, color, accoutremond.......It's really quite ethereal:-))!

Hope you enjoy the results as much as I enjoy the creation!